Tripotnik – Sustainable travel

Wherever you might be traveling, there are alternative ways and means of transport. Do you wish to travel cheap or fast? People are becoming increasingly aware of the ecological aspect of travelling, and our EnQ (environmental/energy intelligence quotient) is the embodiment of the same idea. Try out our mobile application:
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Authors and co-financers of hte mobilne aplikacation Tripotnik

Boson is a company that specialises in sustainable planning, while Mugo is a company that specialises in the development of software for mobile platforms. The joint product of the two companies is called Tripotnik, a mobile application that uses live databases and its very own multiple-criteria model of arranging results in order to calculate the path, energy consumption and the CO2 emissions. Determining the optimum is easy, once you know how ;)

We are convinced that the majority of us strive for a better living environment and that we are willing to move from words to action. That is why we have developed an application which will provide the users with the possibilities of improving the EnQ of their travel habits. Tripotnik is our contribution to the awareness on sustainable mobility. With Tripotnik we wish to enable you a gradual passage into environmentally responsible travel.
BOSON, trajnostno načrtovanje, d.o.o.
MUGO, načrtovanje in oblikovanje, d.o.o.
Baltazar marketing (product identity)

The project is funded under the programme "Program velikih zavezancev za zagotavljanje prihrankov energije pri končnih odjemalcih" founded by Petrol, d.d.